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Guest artists


Sardax´s member site delivers a wicked mix of fresh, original illustrations and classic watercolors – exciting, elegant and very perverse! Sardax presents a unique vision of femdom, the fantasies range through settings out of time, out of place, out of reality, beautifully surreal in a way you never imagined before…



Nanshakh was born in South America in 1958. One day, a cruel fairy peered over his cradle. No no, she did´nt even bother to plunge her sting in his flesh, or to put a spell on him – all boring procedures actually, and far too cliche for such a sophisticated fairy. No.  she just stayed there, toying with her whip, looking down at him, with that undefinable smile only a ravishing fairy all wrapped up in black leather could have. She stayed until he saw her. And then she left, chuckling to herself…

ayesha      ladyslave


Sergio Castro

Excellent Argentinean artist. His versatility allows him to comfortably handle different illustration domains.

scdark lady  scpgina

scpin-up_1  scpin-up_color