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Web links

     Madame in a world of fantasy
A hobbyist site about the now defunct magazine Madame in a world of fantasy by Swish Publications!
     Rick the wolf
official website of brazilian artist Rick Wolf. Great adult illustrations and comics!
     Bdsm Artzone
a wonderful BDSM website by Andreas.
.. check your reality at the door. This is fantasy only, and when you leave the site, you’ll be returning to reality. It’s as simple as that…
     Carmenica Diaz
Erotic fetish fiction for discerning adults!
A unique vision of femdom; the fantasies range through settings out of time…
Fendom art. One day, a cruel fairy peered over his cradle…
     Secrets Bdsm Art Gallery
A stylish website dedicated to bdsm, fetish and spanking artworks and photography.